Chairman Message

Education has always been the bedrock of social and economic development of a nation. In modern days world students want an educational system which goes beyond the mere acquisition of bookish knowledge and transcends the pedantic learning, rather they yearn for an educational system which develops self-discipline and leadership skills, provides courage and confidence to take on challenges, builds an analytical and logical approach to problems and above all makes a good human being.

The establishment of University of Gujrat Lahore Campus under Public Private Partnership (PPP) is our humble effort to attain these noble aspirations. The University of Gujrat Lahore Campus seeks to graduate the youth who will be skilled and innovative professionals, service oriented leaders in the business communities. Our objective is to formulate our youth as promoters of peace and harmony, to develop sustainable social and economic development in our society.

Our prime aim, at University of Gujrat Lahore Campus, is to prepare our students as global citizens by offering intellectually challenging curriculum leading to various degree programs. We wish to prepare competent leaders for the future. We intend to provide education that extends beyond the parameters of the classroom curriculum, and offers opportunity to polish leadership skills through engagements in academic and extracurricular activities.

The faculty of University of Gujrat Lahore Campus is of high academic caliber, which provides opportunities for our students to spend time in research projects, internships and academic programs. Moreover, University of Gujrat Lahore Campus prepare youth for leadership roles at local, national and international level.Thus University of Gujrat Lahore Campus provides today’s students with the opportunities to widen their social spectrum and develop more competitive behavior so that students can compete and perform their role as mediators of economic boost in Pakistan.

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