BS International Relations

BS International Relations

Starts in: Fall Semester

Duration: 4 years

Session: Morning

 Admission Requirement

  • Intermediate or equivalent with 45 % marks
  • Open merit

Scheme of Study

Semester I

  • English-I
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Introduction to Computer Skills
  • Introduction to International Relations (F-I)
  • General-I (Introduction to Political Science-I)
  • General-II (Introduction to Law)

Semester II

  • English-II
  • Islamic Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Geo-Political Structure of the World (F-II)
  • General-III (Introduction to Political Science-II)
  • General-IV (Introduction to Human Rights)

Semester III

  • English-III
  • Statistics
  • Globalization And International Relations (F-III)
  • General-V (Introduction to Political Science-III)
  • General-VI (Introduction to Public Administration)
  • Political System Developed: UK & USA

Semester IV

  • English-IV
  • International Relations: 1648-1945 (F-IV)
  • Approaches to International Relations (F-V)
  • General-VII (Introduction to Economics)
  • General-VIII (Political History of Pakistan since 1947)
  • Politics of Human Rights (F-VI)

Semester V

  • English Language (Communication Skills)
  • International Relations: 1945 To 2000 (F-VII)
  • Theories of International Relations (F-VIII)
  • International Law-I (F-IX)
  • Foreign Policy Analysis (M-I)
  • International Political Economy (M-II)

Semester VI

  • Regional And International Organizations (F-X)
  • Research Methodology
  • Public International Law-II (F-XI)
  • Introduction To Strategic Studies (M-III)
  • Diplomacy (M-IV)
  • Conflict Resolution (M-V)

Semester VII

  • Politics of South Asian Region (M-XII)
  • Comparative Foreign Policy of Major Powers: US, Russia, China (M-VII)
  • Relations in The New Millennium (M-VIII)
  • Political Economy of Pakistan (Elective-I)
  • National Security Issues in Contemporary Pakistan (Elective-II)
  • Politics of Pakistan (M-XIII)

Semester VIII

  • Arms Control And Disarmament (X-XI)
  • Politics of Middle East (M-IX)
  • Foreign Policy Of Pakistan (M-X)
  • Major Issues in Global Politics (Elective-III)
  • Ethnic Conflicts in Global Perspective (Elective-IV)
  • Contemporary Political Ideologies