BS in History

BS in History

Starts in: Fall Semester

Duration: 4 years

Session: Morning


 Admission Requirement

  • Intermediate (FA/F. Sc/ICS), A-Level or equivalent (minimum 45% marks)
  • Open merit


 Scheme of Study


  • Introduction to History/Historiography
  • Computer Skills-I
  • Introduction to Political Science /Environment of Pakistan/History of Pakistan
  • War and Strategy in Islam/Introduction to Psychology
  • Pakistan Studies
  • English-I


  • Computer Skills-II
  • History of Islam (610-750 AD)
  • World History Civilizations (Early Life to 600 AD
  • English-II
  • Introduction to Philosophy/Major Problems of Pakistan


  • History of Muslim Struggle in India (1857-1906)
  • Islamic Studies
  • English-III
  • History of Migrations
  • History of Extremism in British India/Archeology
  • History of India-I/ Europe-I


  • Introduction to Maths
  • History of India-II/ Europe-II
  • Introduction to Geography
  • History of Muslim Struggle in India (1907-47)
  • Research Methodology
  • Introduction to Sociology


  • Communication skills (English)
  • World History (600-1500 AD)
  • Study of Archives (Seminar Course)
  • Europe III/ History of India-III
  • Europe IV/ History of India-IV


  • Europe-IV/History of India-III
  • Europe-V/History of India-V
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • Europe-VI/ History of India-VI
  • History of Colonialism in British India
  • History of Punjab: Ancient to Great Mughals


  • US History / History of India-VII
  • Recent History of Central Asia / History of Punjab under Later Mughals (up to 1849)
  • History of China/ Archeology
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Political Thoughts (Western/Muslim/ America) History/History of India-VII


  • International Relations Since World War-II
  • History of Kashmir/any Region/Province of Pakistan
  • Modern Middle East/Civil Rights Movement of African-Americans
  • History of Punjab (1849-1947)
  • History of India-VI: International Relations Since World War-II