Associate Degree in Education

Associate Degree in Education

Starts in:      Fall Semester

Duration:     3 years

Session:       Morning/Evening/Weekend


Admission Requirement

FA/FSc/A Levels with 2nd Division

FA/FSc/A Levels with school subjects


Scheme of Study


  • Functional English-I (Compulsory)
  • Islamic Studies/ Ethics (Compulsory)
  • Child Development (Foundation)
  • Urdu / Regional Languages (Content)
  • General Science (Content)
  • General Methods of Teaching (Foundation)


  • English-II (Communication Skills Compulsory)
  • Computer Literacy (Compulsory)
  • Classroom Management (Foundation)
  • General Mathematics (Compulsory)
  • Pakistan Studies (Compulsory)
  • Methods of Teaching Islamic Studies (Professional)


  • Teaching Literacy Skills (Professional)
  • Art, Crafts and Calligraphy (Content)
  • Teaching of Urdu/Regional Languages(Professional)
  • Teaching of General Science (Professional)
  • Instructional and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education (Professional)
  • Teaching Practice (Short Term)


  • Classroom Assessment (Foundation)
  • Teaching of English (Professional)
  • Teaching of Mathematics (Professional)
  • School, community and Teacher (Foundation)
  • Teaching of Social Studies (Professional)
  • Teaching Practice


  • English-III (Technical Writing & presentation skills) (Compulsory)
  • Foundations of Education (Foundation)
  • Content Course-I (from selected discipline-I)
  • Content Course-I (from selected discipline-II)
  • Curriculum Development (Foundation)
  • Educational Psychology(Foundation)


  • Test Development and Evaluation  (professional)
  • Content Course-II (from selected discipline-I)
  • Content Course-II (from selected discipline-II)
  • Research Methods in Education(professional)
  • Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education