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Chairman’s Message

Education has always been the bedrock of social and economic development of a nation. In modern day world students want an educational system which goes beyond the mere acquisition of bookish knowledge and transcends the pedantic learning, rather they yearn for an educational system which develops self-discipline and leadership skills, provides courage and confidence to take on challenges, builds an analytical and logical approach to problems and above all makes a good human being.

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Vice Chancellor’s Message

In today’s modern world marked with information technology, knowledge based economies and scientific progress, education has become a corner stone for the progress and prosperity of nations and individuals alike. No nation can imagine making inroads on the frontiers of development without knowledge and education which in still in people a constructive, progressive and a forward looking conviction. A modern educational institution equipped with seasoned academics, state-of-the art facilities and updated curricula can provide students with much coveted intellectual and knowledge support together with humanistic and egalitarian ideals which are indispensable for socio-economic progress.

Research centre

The research Center entitled as “THE CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT” is established at UOG Lahore campus to develop research culture in the Campus. The Center incorporates the activities like Publication of bi-annual research journal named as “Journal of Social and Political Research”,Coordination of various research activities undertaken by faculty and students of social sciences, international relations and political science.


Student Services Center

Student Services Center (SSC) goes beyond the academic life of UOG Lahore Campus Students, providing and organizing opportunities for students to explore co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities. Whether it’s about paying dues, track financial aid and scholarships, viewing your grades, get important updates or just general counseling about your future, the SSC offers the students of UOG Lahore Campus one stop to address all their needs.

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